Waterproofing is process of water resistant; it's done to avoid water leakage from various structures. Global Construction Services is one of the expertise to give waterproofing services with affordable cost. We are offering waterproofing services for concrete structures and buildings. As we are startup but still we have done lots of work in waterproofing with other companies.

Our range include basement water proofing services, expansion joint water proofing services, internal wall dampness water proofing services, building water proofing and terrace water proofing services, water tank water proofing.

We believe that any service should be good as much from outside in as it should be from inside out; we take special care to render the same. Furthermore, we have specialist for doing water proofing work. Also, we ensure to maintain a cordial relationship with all our associates, clients and employees to achieve the goal of our organization that is customer satisfaction.

  • - Waterproofing System
  • - Chemical waterproofing
  • - Crystalline waterproofing
  • - Membrane waterproofing
  • - Brickbat waterproofing
  • - Box type waterproofing