In the face of set upright new buildings, construction contractors always face the challenge of demolition. Demolition or concrete removal is the process of breaking down previous structure like building, bridge railing. It takes place anywhere commercial, industrial or even in residential area. Under such circumstances it’s very difficult to handle concrete demolition, but we prosecute the demolition process in proper way, keeping in mind the inclination angle, surface area of the structure being demolished without causing any damage and loss to any property nearby. We use high quality demolition equipment such as electrical hammer machines to satisfy our client. We provide these services for various types of slab, beam, Coolum, RCC Works, Brock works, walls, COBA and terrace waterproofing.


  • - Industrial Structure Demolition
  • - Commercial Complex’s Demolition
  • - Sugar Factory Foundation Demolition
  • - RCC Structure Breaking Work for example-Column
  • - Beam, Slab, Chajja, Bricks Breaking Works
  • - Trimex Flooring Breaking Works
  • - Concrete Breaking Works
  • - Pile Breaking and Breaking of Water Tanks.