Hydraulic Bursting is efficient methods to get rid of mass concrete, brick work or natural stone. The system of bursting is safe and is alternative method for breaking concrete without risk of hand arm vibration and noise. We use advanced Sawing and Drilling’s Hydraulic busters which are portable and used to break up concrete & rock by coring holes before insertion, then using a hydraulic expansion pack to break up concrete. Especially Global Construction Services have used this technology to remove heavily reinforced concrete upto 5mm thick in structure such as Dam, Bridge and nuclear power stations where precise controlled System of removal was required.

Key Features:

  • - Non Percussive
  • - Bursting Power Ratios of over 2000 Bars
  • - Low Noise
  • - Easily Accesses Sensitive and Inaccessible Areas
  • - Full Range of case studies available
  • - Full trained labour operators
  • - Fully equipped mobile work force covering the jobs