Guniting is the process of repairing concrete work which has been damaged due to inferior work or other reason. This process is used in construction for the application of slope stabilization and certain rehabilitation purpose mainly in the construction of retaining walls, swimming pool construction, tunnel construction, in fluid tank construction and some of the concrete repair works. Guniting was a method of early origin in the US, where the method is defined as the process of spraying a mix or mortar or concrete to a surface of application with the help of a spray gun. This method makes use of a spray gun and hence the process was named as Guniting.

Key Features:

  • - Only the amount of water necessary for hydration is added at the nozzle to make gunite

  • - Hydration and curing can be referred to as drying but it does technically not dry. It is exothermic reaction and the reason we cool the shell with water for 7 days.

  • - There is not the excess water found in conventional concrete during placement.

  • - Slowing down the cure process by cooling with water greatly increases strength.

  • - Maximum strength is reached in about 28 days.

  • - Dry mix gunite is more dense then poured concrete. (It takes about 1 and a half yards of gunite to volumetrically equal 1 yard conventional concrete)

  • - Denseness = superior strength